Front Cover  - 7 Steps to Grow your Business

This practical book helps you make every event a success in 7 simple steps by leading readers through the key aspects of how to organise and manage an event. It is an invaluable one-stop book whether you find yourself in charge of one important event or you have chosen event planning as a career. It covers the whole process from creation to evaluation.

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Book: 7 Steps To Grow Your Business With Events

Author: Silvia Pellegrini

Silvia Pellegrini

Silvia Pellegrini  Silvia Pellegrini is the founder of Silvia Pellegrini Consultancy. She is dedicated to injecting elegance into the art of event planning. Each client experiences Silvia’s creative aura and personal touch in a planning session. SP Consultancy is located in the heart of London, yet her consultancy enjoys an international reputation. Silvia’s enthusiasm has led her to being invited to organise events worldwide. Silvia’s creative eye for beauty, passion for style, focused eye on details and devotion to excellence is infectious to all she works with.