Monica Sablone-SahmkowSilvia Pellegrini is the founder of Silvia Pellegrini Consultancy. She is dedicated to injecting elegance into the art of event planning. Each client experiences Silvia’s creative aura and personal touch in a planning session. SP Consultancy is located in the heart of London, yet her consultancy enjoys an international reputation. Silvia’s enthusiasm has led her to being invited to organise events worldwide. Silvia’s creative eye for beauty, passion for style, focused eye on detail and devotion to excellence is infectious to all she works with. Her innovative approach never fails to impress her clientele or client delegates. Mrs. Pellegrini exhibits a hard-working ethic and demonstrates intuitive leadership. On the other side of the spectrum, she is no stranger to working collaboratively with others. Silvia Pellegrini’s academic background in Psychology aids her in planning events for maximum impact. Her understanding of human behavior allows her to design events to achieve the client’s objectives. She is fluent in English, Italian and Spanish; which makes her knowledge of European cultures exceptional. 
Her skill set for serving the needs of people came about through her years spent in customer service. She was employed with various major companies in customer involvement, all of which gave her insight into handling the individual needs of people and how to best see each situation through. 
Mrs. Pellegrini is never satisfied with the status quo and continues to improve her knowledge and skills to stand out from the rest. Silvia Pellegrini Consultancy has a well-established portfolio for handling major events including Styling Says Catwalks at the Ideal Home show at Christmas, photo shoots, fundraising events, product launches, international residential and large profile conferences within the U.K. From the point of inception of an idea to its logistical completion, Silvia is able to provide a modern approach and elegant style for a successful event…no matter the location.

For more information on current projects, products and services, go to: http://www.eventsuncovered.tv/